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Yale Unity Entrance Lock Kit

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This is Yale Unity ALL-in-One Entrance lock kit, which includes Unity entrance lock (YUR/DEL/1/SIL), Unity screen door lock (YUR/SSDL/1/SIL), Smart Keypad (05/301000/BL) and Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge (AYR-BDG-CB2-ANZ). When installed with a Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge, the Unity Entrance Series features DualDoor™ Technology *. With a single command, users can operate both the security screen door and the main entrance door together. The door lock or unlock command operates both locks (Unity Security Screen Door Lock and Unity Entrance Lock) in a sequence. The Yale Home ecosystem can integrate your Unity Security Screen Door Lock and Unity Entrance Lock together to operate both locks with a single command. The technology works seamlessly, to provide ultimate user convenience. This will allow the user to enter the home without keys and saves the effort of operating the screen door and main entrance door locks together. The Unity Entrance Series works with the Yale Home APP, giving you total control over your lock via your smart device. You can grant access to others, keep track of visitor access and so much more. By adding Smart keypad, you will be able to access your lock via PIN code.


EAN 9348313047369
Card Key Yes
PIN Code Yes
Work with App Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Colour YES
Colour YES
Colour YES
Colour YES
Colour Silver
Credential Type Mifare Classic 1K
Electro-mechanical Yes
Battery type AA
Packing Type Box
Residential Yes
Warranty / Guarantee Yale 1YR Electomechanical
Handing Reversible
Approved Standards Rating Level Lockset Security SL6, Durability D7, Durability D8, Lockset Security SL8
Credential Mifare Classic
Audit trails Yes
Network connected Yes
Break in/ tamper alarm Yes
Connectivity 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi
Low Battery Indicator Yes


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